John Carroll University
University Video Production
Surprise The Future Campaign

John Carroll University was in the process of developing their newest campaign, and they needed to create a suite of videos that could be used for broadcast commercials, marketing emails, in-person presentations, social media, and their website.

Over the course of the next six months, spread across four university video production, we produced more than forty-nine different videos and cutdowns to help the JCU team achieve their marketing goals.

Broadcast University Commercial

When it comes to university video production, we know the key to success is crafting the visuals to allow the audience to envision themselves, or their children, on campus.

I’ve hired The Story Is team for more than 7 years and across multiple institutions. They have our trust and continually delivers the highest level of video production. The Story Is team have proven to be a true partner and an invaluable extension to our marketing. At the heart of their business --and their name-- is storytelling, and it shows. Big and small, creative and corporate, I never doubt that they will deliver on their promise.
Sarah Forrer
Assistant Vice President of Marketing & Communications
Case Studies
John Carroll University
University Video Production

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New Program Launch

John Carroll University was getting into the healthcare field by announcing the launch of a brand new bachelor of science in nursing program. We partnered with them to create a commercial that would show how the BSN program at JCU differs from other nursing programs.

The idea was to show how this nursing program would allow students to live a full life while also getting the education they need to save lives.

On-Campus University Commercial

This commercial aired during the Winter Olympics and March Madness, so it had to be dynamic. It was designed to help prospective students envision their life on-campus at John Carroll University.

University Testimonials

No higher education marketing funnel would be complete without strong student testimonials.

JCU didn't want to have boring talking-head style testimonials that are commonly used in the market.

To help differentiate, we created a behind-the-scenes style aesthetic and developed an editing style that makes the pieces feel more lo-fi while still maintaining a high-production value.

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