Moen CES Showcase
Tradeshow Video Production
Introducing luxurious moments to everyday life

Moen is a luxurious brand that provides elegant solutions to everyday consumer needs related to home faucets. They developed the first-ever Smart Home Water Network and had plans to debut it at the most influential tech event in the world: CES 2022.

Moen wanted to maintain the luxurious on-screen brand they had established previously, while simultaneously showing authentic family moments with the new products in use.

Keep reading to discover how we built this project to hit the goals needed for a tradeshow video production.

Full CES Showcase - award winning

This video follows a family through their daily life and shows how each family member interacts with Moen's new Smart Water Network.

Moen had a great grasp on their target audience and knew how they wanted their products featured.

Our task was to integrate the product into everyday life moments that felt authentic while maintaining luxurious aesthetics. When it comes to tradeshow video production, you often need many different cutdowns that can be pulled from the full-length piece. We crafted the story to make sure that it felt cohesive while also having plenty of moments that could stand on their own.

Telly Awards
Silver - Craft Directing
Silver - Craft Cinematography
Silver - General Lifestyle

I’ve worked with The Story Is many times and keep coming back. The reason: Immanuel and his team are exceptional visual storytellers.
Falls & Co | Partner & Senior Vice President
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Moen CES Showcase
Tradeshow Video Production
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Technology interviews

Because this project was for CES 2022, an interview piece was needed to highlight the incredible advancements in technology that brought this Smart Water Network to life.

30 second split

In addition to the full-length piece, we created a 30-second cutdown designed to highlight how the Moen Smart Water Network app seamlessly integrates with everyday life.  Having this option for the tradeshow video production helped to capture the audience's limited attention spans.

Tradeshow booth vignettes

We created vignettes to play behind the presenter at the Moen booth. Doing this really boosted the presentation value and made it easier for the presenter to "show, not tell" how innovative and useful the Smart Water Network is for consumers.

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